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Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

I Dream of Jeannie is an American fantasy sitcom starring Barbara Eden as a 2,year-old genie and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love and whom she eventually marries. The series ran for five seasons and produced episodes. The first season consisted of 30 episodes filmed in black and white; all later seasons were filmed in jammie jeannie и лысый поц. On the beach, he finds a bottle and gets a surprise jammie jeannie и лысый поц he opens it.

A beautiful genie appears who is instantly attracted to him, helps him get rescued and then follows him back to Cocoa Beach, Florida.

This is after she was slapped. When Jeannie visits her parents, she announces to them that her greatest wish is to marry her Master—if he survives Ali first. But with a jealous genie at home, will Tony and Melissa ever hear wedding bells? Tony is scheduled to take a historic walk into outer space, but Dr. Bellows wants him to take a few medical tests first.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Dabney Coleman guest stars as "Lt. George Conway" identified as "Lt. George Webb" in the closing credits.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Family comes to call when Jeannie summons one of her great grandfathers, Bilejik J. Carrol Naishto help Tony with an experiment to jammie jeannie и лысый поц sea water into fresh water. Bilejik says he will share the secret, but only if his unusual request is met. Chet Stratton uncredited appears as "The Botanist". Now Jeannie must outwit the doctor before Tony gets put in the hot seat at work.

Tony goes to extreme lengths to get the bottle back, but not before the cosmonaut realizes that she now has a genie of her very own.

Bellows determines that married men make better astronauts, so Jeannie asks her Master to marry her. When he refuses, Jeannie blinks jammie jeannie и лысый поц another Tony who is much more romantic and attuned to her needs. When Bellows sees them together, he assumes Tony is getting married! General Peterson makes his first appearance in this episode. But Roger finds himself in serious trouble when he keeps Dr. Further complicating matters, he believes the couple subletting his apartment are genies!

Herbie Faye uncredited appears as "Mr.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Henry would become a regular cast member the very next season as Amanda Jammie jeannie и лысый поц, Dr. Includes a cameo appearance of Maureen McCormick as a young patient. When Jeannie gives her Master a crack golf swing, General Peterson is so impressed that he makes Tony his partner for a game against a longtime rival. Golf pro Jerry Barber appears as himself. Bellows, calls for assistance from an art expert, Jammie jeannie и лысый поц has only 24 hours to create an explanation.

Jeannie conjures up an anniversary celebration which results in Tony finding the evil djinn Michael Ansara who imprisoned her into her bottle 2, years earlier. Michael Ansara as Blue Djinn. Maurice Dallimore uncredited appears as "Professor Preever". Roger tells Jeannie that he has arranged a double-date for Tony and himself with two beauty queens. Watching a TV Western, Tony longs for the days when a man had to be strong to survive.

Jeannie obliges by making him sheriff of "Gopher Junction", an old Western town. Whit Bissell as Horace Sedgwick. With the football season in full swing, Tony is constantly glued to the TV set.

Jeannie realizes she must do something to get his attention and decides jammie jeannie и лысый поц make Tony jealous. She conjures up romantic "Tony Millionaire" Mike Road to do the job. Because Jeannie has run up a staggering food bill, Tony is unable to join Roger in buying a sailboat.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Jeannie goes to the bank with Tony to "help" borrow money for his share. Bellows tries to convince General Peterson of this. Groucho Marx makes a cameo appearance as himself. While getting a copy made, the shop mixes them up and she ends up taking the real bottle home, with Jammie jeannie и лысый поц inside. Tony and Roger break into the house to get it back. Tony is offered a job in the private sector and wonders what it would be like if he accepted.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Jeannie looks into the future and sees Tony practicing his putting with a couple of gorgeous secretaries. On that day, a master can wish away his genie. Tony decides to do that, but realizes he made a terrible mistake.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Tony needs Sammy Davis Jr. Jeannie comes to the rescue by creating a duplicate of Sammy. When Jeannie "helps" Tony by reducing the size of a motor, she accidentally shrinks him, too. While she goes out shopping, Tony is menaced by a cat.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Milton Frome appears as the grocer. Roger decides to hold a "mod" party and invites Tony and Jeannie. They forget it conflicts with a meeting Dr.

Bellows set up, and say they will be hunting. Bellows finds out about the party when Jeannie goes to buy jammie jeannie и лысый поц dress. Bellows go to the party to confront Tony and Roger, Jeannie puts them in Roman hunting outfits and they end up camping in the rain.

A young Dabney Coleman has a small role. Tony and Roger are training a chimpanzee named Sam to be on the first flight to the moon. Jeannie turns him into a human Larry Storch.

When she tries to turn him back, she accidentally turns Tony into a chimp. Tony almost ends up going to the moon, but Jeannie saves the day. Alternate director Hal Cooper appears as "Eddie". To keep her word she will not cause problems at a press banquet, Jeannie promises she can live without magic for 24 hours and proves it by transferring her powers to somebody. Only after several unusual occurrences does Tony realize they were transferred to him. He then accidentally transfers them to Jammie jeannie и лысый поц.

Don Rickles plays a physical fitness fanatic that Jeannie mellows by giving him the personality of his aunt. A director Paul Lynde decides to make a documentary on Tony and Roger. Roger gets a big swelled head when he overhears the director saying he is a natural-born actor. Problem is, the director was talking about Jammie jeannie и лысый поц. When Tony tries to get Jeannie out of his way by telling her to go help someone, she ends up helping some jammie jeannie и лысый поц robbers in a heist.

Tony lies to Jeannie about going to the North Pole for survival training, but instead goes to Hawaii. When Jeannie finds out, Tony comes up with a story that he is protecting a princess from some bad guys. Don Ho guest stars as himself.

Jammie jeannie и лысый поц

Disappointed at what he sees, Kamehameha tries to raise an jammie jeannie и лысый поц to retake Hawaii. While hiding in a safe destined for the moon, Jeannie ends up locked inside when Tony accidentally closes the door. Unfortunately, it appears the safe ends up on the rocket and on its way to the moon. The safecracker and his jammie jeannie и лысый поц steal the safe, but when they find out it will explode if they get the combination wrong, they end up paying a pawnbroker Reta Shaw to get rid of it, who then sends it to a junkyard to be scrapped.

Tony thinks all is over after thinking the safe has been crushed, but it fell off the conveyor belt and was unharmed. When he goes to Baghdad searching for the head genie, she captures Tony and puts him in a birdcage. When Roger tries to rescue Tony, he is also imprisoned in the birdcage. She is found out by her own master, Habib Ted Cassidywho forces her to let them go.

Meanwhile, the safe is picked up and put on another rocket. They find out the safe will explode in a few hours, so Tony takes him to the safe to open it. They successfully defuse the bomb, but then scare the expert into thinking the timer started up again to make him leave.

Jeannie was knocked unconscious and cannot escape through the drilled holes, so Tony finishes the combination and opens the safe, freeing Jeannie.

Tony and Roger are tested to exhaustion by a nutrition expert Paul Lynde. When Tony finds out he has inherited an English castle, he takes Jeannie and Roger along to check it out. An unscrupulous estate agent Jack Carterwho also sold it to another person, tries to scare Tony out of the castle by making them think it is haunted.

Tony and Roger are testing an experimental aircraft that resembles a flying saucer. When Jeannie pops in, her weight causes the aircraft to land jammie jeannie и лысый поц off course. A family of hillbillies played by J. When Tony eats one, he gains terrific strength. Bellows finds out, he tries to get Tony to give the jammie jeannie и лысый поц to a dietician played by Reta Shaw Jeannie asks her mother for the recipe, but when Tony tries to make it, it results in people losing their inhibitions instead!

The dealer played by Carl Ballantine tries to cheat Jeannie by buying the damaged car from her, then making her buy it back at several times the price.

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